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There should be a picture of my Truck and 6 bikes here

Ride On!!! is a Cycling-Specific MOBILE business operated out of The Colony, TX...  providing bicycle tune-ups, builds, parts installation, repair, and support, in the Denton/Collin County region.  I provide services to The Colony, Hackberry, Frisco, Little Elm, Carrollton, NW Plano... basically... North to the 380 corridor, South to the GWB corridor... maybe some other areas, TEXT ME to find out.  Send a Text Message

My mobile bicycle shop has all of the tools you'll find in any normal bicycle repair shop (actually, a few more than SOME of the shops I've worked in). I also have a 1000+ item inventory IN STOCK so I can usually fix any problem on the spot.  At the same time my inventory also offers a full array of replacement and upgrade parts.  I can also do a tune up so it runs like a clock, just ticking away... (assuming no worn or broken parts).  Tires, tubes, chains, brake pads, grips, cassettes, cables, housing, handlebars... lots of stuff.

BTW... any parts that are replaced will be "tuned" so that the new part functions as smoothly as possible with the rest of your bike (exceptions apply... yadda, yadda, yadda... text me, we'll figure it out).

Flats... YES... I fix flats... straighten handlebars, tweak brakes, true wheels, tune derailleurs, replace anything, and can build new bikes out of the box or... FROM SCRATCH. Check out the Services section for a detailed list of available repair services.

So... you've got that New-In-Box bicycle sitting there... call me.  I'll come to wherever you (and the bicycle) are, and assemble/tune it for you.

Here's a scenario you racers might be familiar with... the Crit is on Tuesday... on your Saturday training ride you notice that something with the shifting "just isn't right". You take your bike to your LBS (local bike shop) and they tell you they won't be able to get to it until Wednesday or Thursday... "but the crit's on Tuesday?"  Call me.  I work evenings, weekends, any weird time that might work to get a tune-up in so you can race on Tuesday.  Or any day.

See the Contact page to get more info, and/or to set up an appointment.


I can swipe your Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex for payment.  I also take payment through PayPal, Venmo.

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