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The services I offer:
(anything not listed, call. I probably do it, just that it's not routine)

All paid services include a 6-point safety inspection, this includes: inspection/tightening of brake-lever mounting-bolts, inspection/tightening of handlebar
mounting bolts, inspection/tightening of bar-stem bolts, inspection/tightening of brake-cable bolts, inspection/tightening of wheel-mounting bolts/skewers,
and inspection of wheel components/spokes to ensure integrity. ANY bicycle I service will leave my possession in a "safe" condition.

Please note... I have a "minimum roll-out charge" of $60 for parts/services. This is not "in addition" to your parts/services, but the simply a minimum fee that I will travel to a destination for.  Just ensuring that I am making enough $ to cover my expenses.

Basic Tune-Up - $60

Adjust Brakes & Gears/Derailleurs/Shifting.
Lube chain, inspect for wear/damage.
Teflon lube for all cables.
Safety inspection.
Add basic "Dry Clean" of bike for $25. (no water used...
C3H8O alcohol, Clean Streak and Bike Lust cleaners). Assumes no "caked on" dirt. (MTB guys... learn to hose off your bike when you get back from the trail? Please? Makes your bike happy, keeps in in better shape, longer)

Performance Tune-Up - $119
Drive Train Overhaul - Check & Clean Cassette, Derailleurs, Cranks, Cables, & Lube Chain.
Check derailleur hanger, adjust if necessary.
Complete tuning of bicycle shifting and brakes.
Wheel System Overhaul: check/adjust wheel bearings, true wheels (not more than 1/4" total deviation).
All bearings checked and adjusted, if needed.
Seat-post & bar-stem lubed.
Safety inspection.
Dry Clean of bike.

Complete Overhaul - $199 (not for full suspension bikes)
Complete disassembly (excluding shocks)
Clean Frame, handlebars, all parts, and wheels. Wipe down, clean up
Install all new cables & housings (basic cables/housings not included, hydraulic brakes extra)
Brake System Overhaul. (does not include hydraulic brake bleeds)
Wheel System Overhaul (loose bearings adjusted, wheels trued)
Complete Lube.
All bearings checked & replaced, if needed. (labor included, parts extra)
Complete tuning of bicycle.
Dry Clean of bike.
Install bar tape/grips, tires, rim strips, & tubes. Parts replaced if needed (labor included, parts extra. Tubeless set-up extra.)
Safety inspection.

A la carte services:
Bike Build (new bike, in box) - $60 external cables, $70 internal cables. ...with fenders/racks $10ea for either.
Bike Build (eBike, in box) - $75. ...with fenders/racks $15 extra.
Bike Build (custom/pro) - $129 (includes labor for cable and chain sizing, parts extra)
Brake bleed: per wheel, $20.
Cable Replacement (brakes -OR- shifters, tuning/adjustment included, cables/housing additional) - $ 20
Cable Replacement (brakes -AND- shifters, WITH cables, tuning/adjustment included) - $ 50
Clean Bike (wipe down, liquid-solvent clean) - $25 with tune-up.

Installations:  (Unless noted, price does NOT include parts)
Aero Bars - $30, does not include parts or labor for new cables.
Bar Ends-pair - $10
Bottom Bracket (screw in) - $20
Bottom Bracket (press-fit) - $30.
Brake Cable (single, does not include cable) - $10
Brake Pad Install - $10/wheel for rim brakes
Brake Pad Install - $15/wheel for disc
Cassette - $10
Chain - $10 includes sizing.
Computer (wireless/wired) - $10/$20
Computer with Cadence (wireless/wired) - $15/$25
Crankset - $20, does not include BB removal/install
Derailleur - $20
Derailleur Cable (single, includes cable, tuning of derailleur) - $15
Disc Brake (mechanical) - $10
Disc Brake (hydraulic, includes bleeding) - $30/brake
Fork, standard - $10
Fork, suspension - $15
Grips - $10
Handlebar, includes install of grips/tape - $30
Handlebar Tape - $20
Headset - $30
Pedals (pair) - $5
Rear Rack - $15
Saddle - $10
Sew-up tire install - not performed by Ride On Bikes. Proper Sew-up install is a multi-day procedure.
Stem - $10, assumes new cables not necessary.
Tire/Tube install (clincher) - $10
Tire/Tube install (tubeless) - $15, does not include sealant. I carry Stan's.

Repairs: Unless noted, price does NOT include parts   
Bottom Bracket Adjustment - $10
Bottom Bracket Overhaul, loose bearing - $25
Brake Adjustment (F/R, mechanical) - $10
Brake Adjustment (F/R, hydraulic) - $15
Derailleur - removal, clean, reinstall, adjust - $15
Disc Brake Bleed (per wheel, hydraulic) - $20
Disc Brake Flush/refill (per wheel, hydraulic) - $30
Headset Overhaul (loose bearing, includes repack) - $20
Hub Adjustment (loose bearings, front) - $10
Hub Adjustment (loose bearings, rear) - $15
Hub Overhaul (loose bearings, front, includes bearing repack) - $20
Hub Overhaul (loose bearings, rear, includes bearing repack) - $30
Replace Spoke (does not include spoke(s), includes truing) - $20
Wheel Build, includes lacing and truing (per wheel, does not include parts) - $50
Wheel True (per wheel, not for damaged wheels, not more than 1/4" total lateral variance)  - $15
Flat Labor Rate  - $60/hr

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